It’s been a long dry season in Chicago baseball.  Sure, my team, the Chicago White Sox won a World Series 11 years ago, and I guess in some cities- 11 years is a dry spell.  In Chicago, when you talk Cubs- you are talking a MAJOR dry spell.  Like 108 years since the last World Series win!  See what I mean?  Okay- so most Cubs fans are used to saying, “wait until next year”- cause it’s been a long time.  Faith is a beautiful thing.   I was raised on baseball- both Cubs and Sox- and lots and lots of little league.  So last night’s Chicago Cubs World Series win in game 7 was unreal.  We are still pinching ourselves!  That game was insane.  There I said it.  It WAS! So here’s to the Cubs!  Here’s to all of us who got to see them go all the way.  Here’s to the players who have such good spirit and sportsmanship!  Here’s to all those who never, not in their lifetime, got to see the Cubs win the World Series.  I remember going to Cubs games with my dad.  He never got to see them win a World Series.  I know he’s happy today.mpi3652016-day-308308/365



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