Stay the course. Paris.

It’s taken me a year to unpack all the photos and memories from my visit to France last October.  So many other priorities fighting for my time- family, clients, shoots, (you know the story) but I’m happy to say that this is my last post for that adventure.  I’ve always been the kind to not leave a story unfinished, so even though it takes some time- I stay the course and get to the end.  IMG_1229_2769 copy.jpgOur last stop for our time in France was Paris.  I’ve been to the City of Lights before, but for me it’s always breathtaking.  EVERY TIME.  We spent our last day walking the streets of Paris, along the Seine, visiting the Tour Eiffel, as well as Notre Dame Cathedral.  img_1338_2861-copyimg_1339_2884-copympi_5116_3762pjpg-copyWe also visited the Musee d’Orsay, (my favorite) and the gardens just outside the Louvre.  I love the contrast of classic and contemporary architecture.  100113_2895img_1274_2820-copyMPI_5075_3721 copy copy.jpgimg_1284_2809-copyBefore we bid our travel companions, adieu, we visited a charming little shop where I found my French bottle rack or “herisson” (hedgehog).  It was carefully shipped home to me in the States.  When the mailman delivered it, he demanded to know what it was- since one of the arms was just so slightly poking out and it was such a strange shape!img_1171_2896-copyimg_1173_2898-copyWe also made a mad dash for the very best bread ON THE PLANET.  Seriously no joking here.  We knew we had to arrive before this shop closed.  We got there just before closing, and were slightly disappointed to find almost everything gone for the day.  BUT- there was one hot, steaming, freshly-made loaf hanging just above the shop keeper’s head.  We inquired (and I’m sure looked hungry and desperate) and the loaf was ours!  We also picked up the last gorgeous pastries and sat outside the shop as they closed.  We mumbled through the delight of warm DELICIOUS bread, and a year later I’m still thinking about that bread.IMG_1207_2929 copy.jpgLastly, I have to mention the person who put this entire adventure together.  Jeanne Oliver.  Jeanne is a gifted artist and teacher who, in addition to her creative network, offers classes and travel retreats that combine travel with creating and connecting with other creatives.  I highly recommend The Living Studio– it’s an absolutely outstanding experience with the perfect balance of touring, creating and exploring.  BTW- Jeanne is a lover of vintage paper and she picked up some in Paris- and was so gracious to share some with all of the girls on the retreat!  IMG_1182_2907 copy.jpgHere’s to travel, creating, and new friends!  Cheers!

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