Visit to an artist’s home, and a castle.

It’s been almost a year since I visited Normandy, France.  It’s been so nice to continually revisit my trip by returning to my photographs.  One of my last days of that trip was to visit with a local artist in his home in the French countryside.  ah1What a glorious and unique opportunity it was.  We were treated with gorgeous food and champagne, and a chance to wander around the property and talk with the artist about his work.  ah10ah2ah7ah3ah4I couldn’t resist buying one of his pieces.  I adore how simply and beautifully it tells a story.  It’s not often that you meet the artist and have him lovingly wrap his painting for you to take home.  ah5ah6ah8Then off to Falaise to see the Castle of William the Conqueror.  ah15This not William…ah9ah12Two-thirds of Falaise was destroyed by Allied bombing, during WWII, before the town was taken by a combined force of Canadian and Polish troops.  The town was rebuilt after the war.  Always fascinating to see what was not destroyed-the castle, the cathedral.  ah11ah13ah14

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