Étretat, France.

So, almost a year ago I traveled to France, to the Normandy region mostly- with a side trip to Paris.  One must always go to Paris.  Étretat is one of many charming towns I visited in Normandy- and there is no mystery why so many artists went there to paint the arches and beach.  Hiking down the cliffs to the beach was a visual paradise.  IMG_1038_3047 copyMPI_4889_5625 copyMPI_4918_5654 copyIMG_1026_3057 copyIMG_1027_3058 copyAnd the town was so lovely, with beauty around every corner, in the form of shops and homes, and food, of course.IMG_1029_3060 copyIMG_1036_3066 copyThis Fall, I’m headed back to Europe- this time to Italy.  I’m excited to visit Italy for the first time, and experience all that this beautiful country has to offer.  I’ll be sharing images from that trip here as well, so stay tuned!

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