Seattle. Our last stop.

Gorgeous city on the Puget Sound.  More hills than I expected, so much development.  Such great food- and of course we had to go to the first Starbucks and the Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room.  I could have moved in.  Don’t judge.  “Little Miss Starbucks” aka, our lovely daughter, had a special coffee milkshake not available elsewhere and it was fabulous.  The gum wall was interesting, Pike Place Market was the coolest, and Pioneer Square is so interesting- who knew Seattle had a fire?- really wanted to do the underground tour- next time.  We checked out Union Lake and took the Ferry to Bainbridge Island.  On the ride back to Seattle the sun was setting, and Mt. Rainer was towering in the distance.  Perfect end to the Poll family road trip 2016. 231/365.mpi3652016 day 231

2 thoughts on “Seattle. Our last stop.

  1. So glad you enjoyed the PNW. Were you able to see anywhere else in the Puget Sound or do any of the whale watching tours? I live here in Washington and I’ve been trying to get up to Port Townsend to do a whale watching tour for the past 5 years, haha.

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