Sea Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, CA.

Our oldest and our youngest both went to summer camps situated on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Part of each day’s activities, when they were not learning about the Great Lakes, and Lake Michigan specifically, was to collect sea glass.  It’s like hunting for treasure.  We have a nice little collection from those summers and others when we’ve been at some of our local north shore beaches.  When a friend and native Californian told me about the Sea Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, CA, I knew we had to go!  The history of the beach and how the sea glass was created- is fascinating and remarkable to think that nature restored itself back to beauty.  The beach used to be a dump- where anything and everything was tossed over the cliffs and onto the beach below.  Many years of rolling surf and rocks created a thing of beauty.  Easily one of our most memorable stops on the Poll 2016 summer road trip!  The sea glass is spread out on the beach like sand.  Important note- none of the glass should be removed from the beach.  This should be enjoyed by many for years to come!  226/365mpi3652016 day

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