Family Road Trip. San Francisco to Seattle in 10 days.

So our family went on a long awaited, well planned-out road trip up the northern California coast and into the Pacific Northwest.  We’ve never roamed there previously- so we were pretty excited for the hills, mountains, ocean, and of course the sea food.  Let’s start there.  We landed in San Fran and immediately after checking into our hotel- straight to Pier 39 we went.  Touristy?  You bet- sea lions lounging about and barking?  Check.  Infamous prison lurking in the bay?- absolutely.  Who can focus on any of that when fresh crab, mussels and shrimp, with a side of crab chowder is being brought to your table?  We may live in the midwest, but we love seafood like we live by the sea.  The little man got some schooling from the college boy on how to sport a bowtie bib.  We were at lunch for some time.  mpi3652016 day 223.jpg

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