This summer, our kids didn’t want to go the traditional day camps- all day, four weeks.  I never back down from a challenge and so most of this summer is “mommy camp”- where I make the schedule- and the days are peppered with general goofing off in the pool, a bike ride down the bike trail, or a little time at the beach.  We really do live in a great community- it’s like being on vacation for three months of the year- but then winter arrives for six months and you start looking at property in the caribbean.  I’ve reminded my children more than once that I did not grow up in a community with a beach, I mean- air conditioning was a big deal.  They are generally unimpressed.  There are a few mini camps for the kiddos- and Northwestern’s summer camps are on the agenda- last week it was volleyball camp.  So fun- and so cool to be coached by some of their players.  Totally got the thumbs up, and there was air conditioning! 176/365mpi3652016

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