Dog beach.

When you go to your town dog beach- for those of us lucky enough to have one of those- you see lots of dogs.  Busy dogs, small dogs, water dogs, friendly dogs and sandy dogs.  Most dogs at the dog beach like the water.  Like this girl- she retrieved like 20 balls from way, way out in the water while we were there.mpi3652016 day 165Then you have the basset hound dog who has absolutely no interest in the water, let alone the beach, but hey, her people thought it was essential to have a pass for the doggie beach cause we live in a “beach community”- for exactly 2.5 months of the year.  I mean, who wants to miss that 2.5?  The best thing while at the beach- is that the girl above- Gertie- totally had Nellie’s number- and each time Gertie went out to retrieve another deep water ball- she came immediately back to shore to find Nellie to shake off all that cold water on her.  It was priceless.  Nellie was done after about 2 shakes.  Time for a nap.  Right- Nellie- let’s go home.mpi3652016 day 165 2.jpg165/365

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