Camping, Raccoons and Canyons.

A little camping trip to Starved Rock State Park  this weekend for our family splash into summer.  Two hours southwest of Chicago and you cannot believe this is Illinois.  We love camping- and this time around, our daughter even made a new friend (raccoon), who was as interested in marshmallows as she is!  The little guy made an appearance following a smores roasting party when Julia was heading over to the table for just one more mallo.  Happy to report that we successfully (for the moment) sent him back into the woods.  He came back later after the kiddos had retired to the tent and and Mr. P. and I were hanging out around the campfire.  He was persistent, and hungry.  Aside from all our camping adventures- the canyons at Starved Rock are amazing.  Beautiful- and hiking into the canyons is a great time for all- even our basset hound loved it- we brought plenty of water.  This is the French Canyon- one of many scattered throughout the park, along the Illinois River.  If you find yourself in or around Chicago- it’s worth the trip. 157/365mpi3652016 day 157

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