In October, 2015, I traveled to Normandy, France to attend an artist’s workshop.  While we traveled all around Normandy, our home base was the most charming city of Honfleur.  honfleurbl1This lovely harbor town is in northern France’s Lower Normandy region, located on the estuary where the Seine river meets the English Channel, although the French certainly don’t call it the English Channel.  It’s la Manche.   honflbl15.jpgI shot this at low tide.  I wandered way out onto the sand close to where large ships were making their way out to sea.  Not surprising that this location was a favorite of the Impressionists.

We stayed at the most charming, Le Manior des Impressionnistes, with it’s gorgeous views (I opened my window one morning to this)honflbl14.jpgand absolutely delightful accommodations.  The staff was exceptional and more than helpful in making every aspect of our stay special and unique.  Such a lovely property with some very cool history.  We even discovered a jeep that had been used by US troops during WWII on the property.  honflbl2.jpg

honflbl6Honfleur is a gorgeous town, with so much beauty and history.honflbl5honflbl8honflbl12honflbl3.jpghonflbl16honflbl17honflbl18honflbl19honflbl20honflbl21 I was lucky enough to spend my time in Honfleur with good friends- some new and some old, and experience some of the best food in the region- I won’t even mention the butter- heavens above- it’s worlds better in France.  It just is. honflbl9Clearly a new friend.honflbl10honflbl13Steamed mussels are only this good in France!

I’m looking forward to returning to this charming seaside town for another visit.  You should go too!honflbl4.jpg

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