This doggie is soulful- full of emotion.  She’s super connected to our family- each one of us- in different ways.  I don’t understand when people say dogs don’t have emotions- I swear she was a person in a previous life.  She’s a rescue- and we had no idea what we would get with a rescue hound.  But- it feels like she was selected just for us.  She’s the opposite in every way from our first hound- we loved him too- but he was the definition of “naughty”.   She doesn’t bark- at all.  Okay- maybe once in a blue moon- and she does this “I might vomit-type bark” when the doorbell rings.  She’s sweet and loving and super chill- everything the proper basset hound should be.  Oh, and she loves treats, and sniffing on her walks.  There is a lot of sniffing going on- especially when spring rolls around. 103/365mpi3652016 day 103.jpg

2 thoughts on “Soulful.

  1. Sweet Nellie!! So cute!! How was Philly? Did u get steak sandwiches? Where? Did Sam like the city? Any decisions yet?

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