Monet at Giverny.

When I studied art history in college, I fell in love with the French Impressionists, and like many, found that Monet’s work was absolutely breathtaking.  Since it’s been a while since I sat in that dark, art history class, some of that appreciation had sadly, slipped away.  Last October, I had the great pleasure to visit Monet’s home and gardens in Giverny, and fell in love all over again.  The experience of being at his home, surrounded by his inspirational gardens and paintings- both his and many others- was like food for an artist’s soul.  Just wandering in the garden- giverny 2giverny8giverny14Running into to a new and extremely talented friend who just happens to be creating a work of art in this amazing place-giverny 1And then into his home- just outside the entrance- all those blooms!giverny15giverny4giverny5giverny6giverny7giverny9MPI_4747_4692-1 copyAnd then a little lunch at the most charming restaurant nearby- and strolling just outside of the home and garden- so delightful!giverny12France Givernygiverny13And of course the bridge, water lilies, and haystack~giverny16giverny17giverny 3giverny11giverny10



8 thoughts on “Monet at Giverny.

  1. Marita, thank-you for taking me back to Monet’s garden. It was a dream come true for me as well. So grateful that I was able to experience it with you and the other amazing women in our group. Your photography is beautiful.

  2. Yummy. Loved every morsel! Your photography is incredible! If ever you want to shoot in NYC or New England… you know where the Sachem Inn is. We would love to show you around.

  3. That’s amazing! I always loved impressionists as well, and I would love to visit this place one day. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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