Today’s 365 Prompt- “lunch”.

Today’s lunch- a lovely little salad- to go along with the warmer Spring-like weather.   When the temp goes up, my craving for all that’s fresh increases- funny how that happens.  I should also mention that when the late fall and early winter descend upon the midwest, all I want to eat is pasta and bread- all day EVERY day.  That hot mess of an appetite needs to be kept in check because a couple of years ago, during the polar vortex- when it was like 15 degrees below  zero for DAYS- I ate way, way, WAY too much bread (and butter) and since it was so cold outside I pretty much gave up the running for a couple of months, and when Spring arrived, well, let’s just say  I needed to do some extra running.  So a little warmer, and a little salad.  67/365MPI3652016 day 67.jpg

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