It’s food.

I don’t know about you, but we get all kinds of special treats for our girl, Nellie.  We think she’s pretty special so when we make the weekly target run (okay- some weeks it’s more than once- busted!) we always look for some special new treat.  If we get her any kind of bone- larger than a milk bone- she’ll walk around the house for a minute with the bone sticking out of her mouth like a cigar- and head straight for the door.  She’ll dig up a spot in our backyard, and then- in goes the bone.  She’s masterful and highly accurate at moving the dirt back over the spot- using her snout to carefully move the earth over her treasure.  Then she pats it all down.  I’ve never seen a dog be so careful and deliberate all at the same time.  She’s the smartest dog I’ve ever known, and the cutest.  Anyway- today’s dinner is deep dish Chicago style pizza- take out- I’ll post on that another time- cause if you’ve never had it- you just HAVE to.  If I had to pick the last dinner of my life- deep dish Chicago style pizza would be it.  With anchovies- don’t ask- it’s a family tradition- at least one side of the family! So since it’s a take out Friday night pizza-movie night at Chez Poll, I thought I’d goof off a little this afternoon with Nellie- and her “food”.  Have you ever tried one of these?  I think I did when I was a kid.  Not bad- but not in the same ballpark as the deep dish.  Happy Friday!  Hope your dinner tonight is more like a pizza pie and less like a milk bone! 64/365MPI3652016 day 64

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