March is ALL about food.

So, I’ve noticed that I enjoy taking photographs of food lately.  Likely because my cooking has increased and improved over the recent years.  I don’t document every meal- that need to document every meal is maddening to my 17 year old son- he just doesn’t understand why people take photos of their food.  But I DO!  So, this month, my 365 will focus on food.  Today, I’m starting with a girl who lives by the motto, “dessert first”.  And she REALLY means it.  She’s serious about desert.  Secretly, I hope she’ll become a pastry chef, and my plan involves study in Paris, etc.  So if the after-school-and-musical-production-rehearsal has to include something yummy and sweet- I was lucky to help her land on something that included fruit.  Oh, and a whole lot of whip cream.  I told you she was all about dessert! 61/365MPI3652016 day 61.jpg

2 thoughts on “March is ALL about food.

  1. It looks really appetizing! There is an American Girl book about a girl who goes to Paris and makes pastries at her aunt’s bakery – I know that because my daughter read it and is planning to open a French bakery in the future. 🙂

    • I LOVE that! I’ll check it out- my daughter is an American Girl fan too! Sadly, she’s at the age when she’s outgrown playing with her dolls- but she still has them all! Thanks for the tip on this book- best wishes to your little baker! Merci!

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