Took some time away from the blog this week to take time to honor a member of my family who was laid to rest this week. Rather than posting separate images for each day, I’m including them all here- I didn’t post each day- but I did shoot- even on the days I didn’t really want to.  Documenting life.  And death.  Peace.

Travel is awesome, unless your the last flight of the day and the flight is cancelled 45/365.

A grateful nation and a grateful family-46/365.  IMG_3146

Honored to be on the pueblo.  Honored to be laid to rest in the Native American tradition.  Funeral Mass at same church where my uncle Jim and aunt Mary where married just 65 years prior.  What a life! 47/365.


Leaving my family was hard.  I know why my uncle Jim loved the Southwest, and especially New Mexico.  The mountains hold special magic.  Taos will always be a special place for me 48/365.IMG_3156

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