Undercover. Day 42.

It’s incredible, yet not surprising, that Vivian Maier was such an amazing photographer, and completely unknown.  What is interesting to me is that she took ALL those gorgeous, perfectly composed, not at all edited (some are even, technically speaking, flawed- some might say) photographs seemingly just for her.  Just because she loved the process.  She didn’t develop all those rolls of film- that’s part of the story right?  She was a nanny- in the town where I live now- Highland Park, IL – and taking in the exhibit of her work today at the Chicago History Museum– I saw familiar places, a bridge, a street, a beach.  Included in one of the books of her photographs, I even found my church.  All those rich images, just waiting to be uncovered and given to a world that would embrace all that is shared, all that is captured in those photographs.  Still, she remains a bit of a mystery.mpi3652016 day42If you have a chance to see an exhibit of her work- don’t hesitate.  The images are stunning and haunting and beautiful.  Her gift of capturing a person or a place is absolutely outstanding.

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