Last time.

This kid has performed at the Highland Park High School Battle of the Bands every year.  Took first place his first year, when he performed as a band.  Since then, he’s found he enjoys making all the music himself.  Guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, loop- he does it all, himself.  Good thing he’s connected to many talented musicians for collaboration and connection- it’s been so fun to see how that has developed.  In the end, win or lose, recognition or pass over, his friends, and those who share his passion for the music remain.  One of his friends from grade school recorded a song that he submitted for a college admission music portfolio- it’s a great song and a great collaboration.  Now that’s cool.  So, this last time was the best performance to date.  I saw confidence in this young musician I have not seen before, partially because he’s beginning to realize his potential, and mostly because he’s surrounded by friends who rock AND roll.  30/365IMG_2900

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