Back to France.

So I wanted to share more from my trip to Normandy, France last fall- as soon as I got back home in October, we were finishing up some home renovations, which took my time, and then the portrait holiday rush was on, and it’s taken me this long to get back to my photos.  So the second full day in Normandy was made up of a visit to the lovely town of Cormeille.IMG_0781_3295

We wandered the unending roads and alleys filled with lovely treasurers, and sampled some of the local food.  I acquired several vintage items, which I lovingly carried back by hand all the way to Chicago.  Only my traveling buddy knows just how careful I was with a glass “concierge” sign- that now hangs in my living room thank you very much!   Think baby wrapped-in-a-blanket-careful!! IMG_0765_3305


IMG_0760_3300 The market was crowded and exciting, and the vendors were lovely and helpful- we even ran into an English gentleman who approached us to say, “what in the world are you doing in this town, all the way from America?!”- we had a wonderful talk with him about his life in this lovely little town of Cormeille, and he told us he’d never been to the States.IMG_0777_3318

The bread in France is beyond words.  English words, that is.  Le pain.



On our way back to Honfleur, we stopped to have lunch in the countryside.  Such a quaint little place- and of course the food was amazing.  And then back to our lovely home away from home, and a petite art lesson, with the lovely and talented, Jeanne Oliver. It’s not every day that you take in an art lesson on a lovely patio overlooking the ocean.IMG_0726_3388 copyAnd then a walk to the harbor at sunset to catch all the gorgeous colors.

IMG_0739_3401 copy

5 thoughts on “Back to France.

  1. Marita, your pictures are just stunning! I could see hanging each one of them in my house! What an amazing trip. Keep posting pictures. Can’t wait to see more.

  2. What a lovely post! I spent few months in Caen years back, visited Honfleur and few other places, and my heart jumped when I saw your photos. J’adore la France.

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