Where does your inspiration come from?  No matter what you do- work, hobby, passion- from time to time- it’s important to fill the pitcher back up.  That’s something that’s important to me, to always be advancing as an artist- as a person.  This year, I’m intentionally heading into the city more often than I’ve done before- to take advantage of all the great art and inspiration all around Chicago.  From the architecture, to the world- class museums and exhibits, parks, etc.- there is plenty to inspire.  While I was planning an upcoming afternoon in the city, I was reminded of how much I love and admire the work of a photographer who worked right here in my town of Highland Park.  Vivian Maier captured not only Chicago’s north shore, but the city of Chicago and many places around the world.  Her street photography is amazing, and courageous, I think.  I’ve yet to gain the gumption to take photographs of people on the street, but this could be my year.mpi3652016 day26So much of her work in Chicago reminds me of growing up in the city.  The way the streets looked in the early 70s.  I was a frequent shopper (as a wee tot with my mom and grandma) at the Stop and Shop- see the image above.  I even found a photo of my church in one of the books of her photos.  The Chicago History Museum is hosting an exhibit of her photos- and I’m looking forward to seeing them.  The first time I saw them in person, at the Art Center of Highland Park– was extraordinary and full of inspiration.


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