365 || 2016

And so a new 365 project begins.  This one will be different from previous projects, because this year I’ll be inviting you to share your photos too!  We’ll have some fun with prompts and challenges, but mostly, we’ll be working toward the goal of a 365 project- which is to pick up your camera EVERY DAY and shoot- it’s the best way to improve your skills and learn new ones!DSC_0139 copy.jpgDay 1.

Today was a relaxing family day at home- I love these days the most.  I was catching up with Sam, who has been away, and talking about lots of things like visiting with family, looking at the photos from his trip to Israel and college selection.  While we were talking, our dog Nellie joined Sam for a little snuggle- and it was a little moment that I wanted to capture, because these two won’t be together next year.  Sam will be away at school.  Nellie is our second basset hound and she’s a rescue from Guardian Angel Basset Rescue.  She’s sweet and loving and the best girl!  Sam and she have taken a long time to connect- Nellie was afraid of men when she first came to be with us.  But with time and love and the building of trust between them, they have become very good friends.  I just adore her sweet face, her long ears, her howl, her waddle, and the way she makes us all smile.  I’ll be posting more information on joining in on the 365 project soon.  Stay tuned!

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