Highland Park Family Photographer: I am not a cobbler.

Know that old saying that the cobbler’s children have no shoes?  Well it applies in my home as well- sort of.  My kids will tell you I always have a camera on them- lots of taken here and there- ( I adore these candids) and yet- since I’m crazy busy, especially at this time of year we don’t always get the family time to set aside for our own shoot.  This fall I was determined.  Put it on the calendar and talked with everyone about clothing choices.  Carefully chose a location close to a session I shot right before- generally got my act together.

And since we are an irreverent group~ we got the usual goofing off (which is totally my style- and clearly my children have inherited this trait).


But we also got some great shots of the whole fam~ even our pooch cooperated for the most part.

110313_5912 copy

I won’t tell you why we are laughing- some more than others- in this shot~ I’ll just let you imagine what goofball move committed by one of those photographed.

Here’s to capturing the whole fam.  I’m exhausted.


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