All because of a mouse…

For years, I resisted.
I explained how the lines and the schlepping, oh, the schlepping, would feel more like a forced fun experience rather than a vacation.  
But away we went in May to celebrate a blessing in our family life…there are many- but this was a big one.
Mr. P. was undaunted~ as usual- as he made the reservations and the announcement of travel plans.  Everyone was excited.  
I was skeptical.
But we arrived, and we put on our ears.
050513_7781 copy
And we valued the magic.
050613_7745 copy
And we walked on the back lot.
050813_7675 copy
And we rode splash mountain, again and again.
050613_7755 copy
And we rode a roller coaster BACKWARD… And one in the dark (Space Mountain), and went on Safari, and into the Tower of Terror and lots and lots more….
And the lines weren’t long, and the kiddos were happy, as were mom and dad.
And we learned all about Mr. Disney and his mouse.
Disney May, 2013_050813_6522
Disneyworld really IS a magical place~

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