Day 336~first of the season!

I remember when I was a kid~we had to wait until the Chicago Park District froze the skating rink for that first skate of the season. It had to be cold to do that outside. And it was- and it stayed that way all winter as I remember- and we skated A LOT.
And as I got older- I skated all year- indoors.
But there’s just something about that cold air, the sound the skates make on the ice and the snow that just makes for a perfect combination that cannot be copied inside.
Even with the bumpy ice it’s a little on the magical side.
So when the temp in Chicago reached into the 60s last weekend~ somehow one of our kiddos decided it was time to ice skate-
And thanks to our local indoor rink- we were able to do a little skating…
Not the same as the outdoor skating~ but that will be here soon I bet!

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