Day 215- First Day of Postcards from HP!

So this first day is titled, “Summer”.
I can’t think of anything more related to summer than my kidlets jumping in and out of the pool.
Over and over and over and over and over again.
Last summer it was about learning to swim to the bottom of the pool- to check out “Angry Steve”- the drain at the bottom.
My kids name things like pool drains, turbines, and pool cleaners- ours is “Sox”- it’s unusual but hey- we are not a “normal” group.
Makes me feel like we have hired help…which we DO NOT! (not that anything is wrong with that). “Oh dear, could you ask Sox to clean the bottom of the pool overnight, that would be fabulous”!
This year it has been diving- lots and lots and lots of diving (in the deep end ONLY of course)- and there have been MANY safety conversations about where to and where not to dive.
Sheesh- I’m exhausted just thinking about all those lectures I’ve given!
But Summer to us is spending time with friends and family in and around our pool.
Just look at this guy- doesn’t he look happy and wiped out from all that diving?

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