Day 2- Postcards (day 216)

The Green Bay Trail.
One of my favorite places to be in the Summer~
It means bike rides with the kiddos…I remember when our oldest was in that seat on the back of my bike- asleep as we road up and down the trail- now he rides his own bike with me into town. Sam learned to ride without training wheels on this trail.

It reminds me that I pushed that double baby jogger up and down this path- trying to get back “in shape” after our youngest was born.
I’m reminded of the many sweet words of encouragement from people walking and riding by as I was pushing that jogger- just nice folks making fun comments- and sharing a little joy.
Now I ride on the path with Mr. P on some weekends- and I run up and down the trail when I have a chance-
I remember returning to Highland Park after two years in Boston and being reminded just how fortunate we are to have our lovely trail.
It’s beautiful in EVERY season- but especially in summer- when you might encounter a chipmunk or two, a coyote or even a deer. A friend was running down the trail a couple of weeks ago when she was passed by a deer- for reals! Clearly he was showing off cause she’s a fast runner!
It’s peaceful and beautiful, fun and full of memories.
So grateful for our trail.

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