Badmouthing the Windy City. 189.

I read this article recently that made my blood boil.
Sort of a political approach to badmouthing a certain president
Who has a home in Chicago.
All about “Chicago is on the decline”
“Chicago is the worst place on earth”
“The MOST dangerous”
“A black eye for this one or that one”.
I could care less if a certain president has a house here.
He just seems to mess up the traffic every now and then- oh and he plays golf at the Bev- shout out!
But- this is a great city.
It’s not about one guy.
He’s not at all responsible for any of the good or bad in this great city of ours.
To some it’s complicated.
To others not so much.
All I know is I love this city.
I love it for all the good and all of the bad- and there is plenty of both.
There is plenty of good work that needs doing.
I’ve seen this city through several decades- some good some bad.
She’s much more than one guy.
One article that says she sucks.
In all of my travels and places I’ve lived around this country-
I’ve met lots of folks-
And when I tell them where I’m from-
They ALWAYS say “I love Chicago- what a great city”!
And I agree.
New Mayors and Police superintendents need to figure out lots of important stuff
One thing I know for sure.
Chicago is NOT one guy.
Never has been.
Never will be.
So To Chicago it is- for me and many, many others.

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