Little Sun Flower. Day 188.

Not a usual thing for Chicago to experience a drought.
I know the farmers are hurting. And it’s serious stuff.
Today our town issued a ban on any outdoor watering.
So the grass will get a little brown.
Not awful
So the hydrangeas will be wilty.
But 100 degrees plus for 3 days…
Serious heat wave.
The little sunflower given to me by my daughter for Mothers Day

Doesn’t seem to care or even notice.
She’s brave and strong- and beautiful.
And just a little happy when a passing thunderstorm this afternoon gave her a little
She looks refreshed and ready for 102 tomorrow.

One thought on “Little Sun Flower. Day 188.

  1. I know what you mean about the heat. i’m hiding inside in the AC … and I typically don’t turn it on until late afternoon. Not today though. Phew.

    But you’d never know what a scorcher it is by looking at your beautifully photographed sunflower!



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