A little bird…163.

I came across The Brave Girls Club and their daily words of inspiration 3 years ago.
I had the pleasure of meeting one of the founders of Brave Girls last May- Melody Ross. She is an amazing Brave Girl and doing amazing things that are truly inspirational. Every day I read “A Little Bird Told Me” I am amazed at how much we share the same doubts, concerns and need the same words of truth in our lives.
I can’t wait to go to Brave Girl Camp- and want to bring my daughter!
Not too long ago, at a Brownie meeting- (I was a co-leader/cookie mom this year) we had the pleasure of making and painting some bird houses. The girls had a blast! I painted one- and of course I couldn’t resist…
The tin roof just begged for “a little bird told me”.
My daughter’s bird house is the orange one in the background. I didn’t get too close to that one because Chickadees have set up housekeeping in that house. Love to watch them go in and out- always checking to see if anyone is watching.
Little birds are just wise.
And they carry messages of truth and simplicity. We all need more of both.

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