Day 142. Forgive me.

Please forgive the obsession with flowers…
Seems like I can’t take enough photographs of the flowers blooming all around me.
Last year we cleared out several beds full of catnip and old evergreens- yuck!
And planted roses, hosta and hydrangea.
Mr. P cut down several trees and dug up all kinds of buried railroad ties, and concrete and rocks…don’t get me started on the rocks…
I think the neighbors became a little concerned when he rented that jack hammer…but it did the trick.
Have you ever tried to dig into the earth and all you hit is rocks? Not fun- lovely black dirt is much easier in which to plant.
So this spring we get to do a little less digging and excavating and more time enjoying the visual treats of our labor.
Here is one such lovely in the rose garden this morning.

Hello sweet little rosebud!

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