Finders Keepers. Day 121.

I’ve been digging (picking?) up some really cool stuff lately.
Most from my childhood home basement- in Chicago- as I’ve mentioned before- a picker’s dream (recently found a canteen from WW2 that was my uncle’s down there!)
Some from the current hood.
Strange Spring phenomenon on the North Shore- trash day.
Not the regular trash day- no, no, no-
You can put pretty much anything you want out on the curb and the garbage truck comes and takes it all away.
Now before the garbage truck comes- the pickers come. And there are lots of folks finding lots of cool stuff!
One of my friends once found an entire record collection-
So last night I’m casually driving home from an event and I am compelled to pull the car over after I pass pile after pile of what look like
perfectly cool goodies on the curb…
Chairs, tables, bikes- not all in great condition- but hey- one person’s garbage is another’s prize!
One pile was especially interesting…lots and lots of gardening stuff…
Window boxes, trellis, taracotta pots and lots of them!
I stuffed my hubby’s car full of gardening equipment (and one pair of skis!!!) and a ton of dirt!
Good thing he’s a good sport.

This little baby was hiding out in the basement…
Who knows how old it is?

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