Moonrise~ Day 68.

Moonrise went onto the list of must shoots for my 365 project early.
I’ve seen it before over the lake- and have always been impressed with its beauty.
So I planned accordingly.
I found the time for moonrise on Friday, March 9 in Chicago. 7:53 p.m.
I checked the weather (note to self- must repeat again in warm weather). Clear skies.
I put the tripod into the car.
I brought my assistant- Mr. P.
We headed down to the lake.
Mr. P said~ what time is it supposed to come up? I said 7:53…he looked at the clock in the car and it read 7:53. I reached for my camera and heard-
“there it is!”
Just like someone had turned on a light- the moon appeared out of the water and it rose FAST.
We must have looked like kids running toward the water with our gear- sand flying beneath our feet…
Setting up the tripod in the dark was fun- thank goodness for that flashlight app on the iPhone!

Image= OK-not crazy about all the noise- that’s where my new camera comes in-three letters…ISO.
Experience= Outstanding!

2 thoughts on “Moonrise~ Day 68.

  1. I love this, the photo is just so emotive. Great skills there. I think the noise you weren’t crazy about has really made this photograph. Well done!

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