Head in the Clouds~ Day 26.

I love looking at the SEARS tower in all kinds of weather. It’s a beautiful part of Chicago’s skyline.
By the way, I said, SEARS- because for me it remains, and will always be the SEARS tower. Not willy or will or whatever new company who owns it now. Just like Marshall Field’s on State Street will always be Marshall Fields- NEVER (God forbid) Macy’s.
On this day I saw almost to the top of the tower- but not exactly- those clouds were rolling in off the lake.

A couple of years ago- I was flying over the city- and there was nothing to see as we were taking off- it was a very cloudy, grey day-
But just as our flight broke through the clouds and into the sunny blue sky- I looked down and saw the top floors of the Sears Tower- above all those clouds. Nothing there but that one little piece of the city saying- so long, come home soon.

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