Kit~Day 25.

May daughter loves American Girl dolls. The dolls, the clothes, the shoes, even the eye glasses. She has a couple of the dolls, but her favorite, is the first she received as a gift- that her grandma gave to her several years ago. Kit.
And just like Julia’s grandma, Kit lived through the Great Depression, and had a Bassett Hound.
I love how Julia plays with her dolls and really enjoys the stories about life as an American Girl in different places in history.
If you haven’t seen Kit’s movie- it’s really worth a look. Lots of good lessons that were important in 1934 still apply today. The first time Julia and I saw it, I cried remembering all the stories my mom and dad shared about how hard life was when their families STRUGGLED.

Kit handles it all with grace and good cheer and she never forgets what’s most important. Can’t you just see that glimmer of hopefulness in her eyes?
Dear Kit, please help my daughter know what’s REALLY important, and to remember that even when you are no longer the center of her attention.

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