Day 20~ Psychedelic.

We are not quite the Brady Bunch…but there is A LOT of music in our house. Two of our three kids play the drums, and all three kids have guitars although only one can “play”- for now anyway. We are currently in the market for a used piano since we’ve got some interest in that and we might just add a bass to our collection.
It was that love of music (and the kiddos) that took me and my little man to check out a new music school in our town, the Rock and Roll Arts Academy!
What an awesome place! Cool quotes from great bands all over the walls- framed album covers- lots and lots of instruments and generally a rockin place to chill and play!
Declan rocked the house and got some awesome pointers from Mindy Hester, the Owner and Creative Director- not to mention award-winning musician! Can’t wait to sign up for a class or two…

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