Day 17. Cookies and Balance

The new year always brings lots of ideas for new ways of doing things- improvements, enhancements, changes, etc.  One change that seems important is improving what we eat- less of the “bad” and more of the “good”.  Given everything I’ve been reading lately, I’m not always sure what’s good or bad- even when it’s good- it might be bad!  Say for example- genetically altered foods or microwave popcorn- don’t get me started on that one…Sheesh, it’s not easy.

So- maybe keep it simple.  Less cookies, more fruit and veggies- and more organic and less processed.

I thought Julia could help me illustrate the whole cookie idea- headed over to the window to get some help from the natural light outside (even though it was super cloudy today).  Cranked up the ISO to 1600…not always a fan of high ISOs-

Even the cookies seemed to cooperate when they appeared “out of balance” in my view finder!

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