365 Days Project

The beginning of the new year is a unique opportunity to examine growth opportunities for the future. As an artist first and photographer second- it’s important to establish personal projects that stretch my body of work into new areas and deeper into areas in which I seek to advance. One of the ways I’ll do that in 2012 is to engage in an exciting project I’m calling my 365 Days Project. It will mean that I will take at least one photograph per day~ some days will be client sessions~ some will be what I hope to be beauty in everyday life. Everyday images that make up our lives~ captured in unique and creative ways.

I read a blog post recently that encouraged photographers like me to avoid looking at other photogs web sites- that “sameness” was overtaking the industry.

I don’t want to be the same as the other guy or gal…I seek to have my own style and unique perspective on a subject AND the world around me.

I know this will make me a better artist.
I hope you’ll join me on my journey, and offer feedback…I’ll be here every day for the full 365!

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