The best part.

Getting ready to head off to meet with lovely clients who will be seeing their wedding photos for the first time.  I love this! 269/365

What’s coming.

So I was just looking out at our yard this morning- and thinking how this scene will change over the next couple of months.  268/365

Fall love.

Welcome Autumn! 267/365


Life isn’t easy. Some days you have to intentionally seek beauty in the most unlikely places and push beyond. 266/365


is getting a call from this guy- who just started college- saying how happy he is.  Amen. 265/365 (100 days to go!)


My masseuse drools, but I don’t care:) 264/365


Sunny Mondays are the best. 263/365

Visit to an artist’s home, and a castle.

It’s been almost a year since I visited Normandy, France.  It’s been so nice to continually revisit my trip by returning to my photographs.  One of my last days of that trip was… Continue reading

More from Michigan.

Gorgeous Michigan vineyard.  262/365