Second City.

He’s got a sense of humor that most 10 year olds don’t get.  He makes up jokes.  He makes himself laugh.  He makes all of us laugh.  He’s got the eyebrow thing down.… Continue reading

She watches the game.

I used to go to games for fun- this girl actually enjoys the GAME (oh, and the cotton candy).  206/365

Just a few hundred

Plants in a row at the Chicago Botanic Garden.  I stopped to count them. Okay, I didn’t really- but it looked like hundreds to me:)  Happy Saturday all! 205/365

Cappuccino in the afternoon.

Perfect Friday treat, apres farmer’s market finds.204/365  


Just checking out the seagulls near the beach.  Graceful flight. 203/365


She is simple, yet gorgeous.  But you have to pay attention, you have to take the time to look.  You have to see from a different angle.  What you pass by every day,… Continue reading

What Summer Feels Like…



Passing over a dam on my ride this afternoon. 200/365

Navy Pier

Playing Navy Pier.  Classic.  Way Cool.  Memorable.  199/365