New in our garden this year.  So pretty all summer long.  LOVE the hydrangea.  Illuminated with the perfect shaft of light.  Your welcome🙂 241/365

Étretat, France.

So, almost a year ago I traveled to France, to the Normandy region mostly- with a side trip to Paris.  One must always go to Paris.  Étretat is one of many charming towns I… Continue reading

Dog Beach.

Our local dog beach on a lovely Saturday afternoon.  Since our hound refuses to go in the water, she’s ever so slightly the princess,  we played fetch with a big stick and an… Continue reading

Friday Night French Food.

Dinner out with my favorite guy.  First course= Lobster, Chanterelle Mushroom & Local Sweet Corn Gratin.  There were 4 more courses, but I was way too busy eating to take any more photos🙂… Continue reading

Buffalo Grove Wedding.

Is this the most gorgeous location for a wedding?  It is!  And lucky me, I get to capture it all in just a few short weeks.  Giddy. 238/365

Back to School.

Stop in the name of 5th grade.  237/365

Keep it moving.

Took two months off after an injury- biked, swam- but no running.  Plenty of PT and ice.  So great to be back on the path today.  236/365

Home Cooking.

I love a good long vacation when I don’t have to cook.  That said, it’s so great to come home and make dinner for the family.  Tonight, Broccoli Cheddar Soup from scratch.  Love… Continue reading

Lake Michigan.

From the Bluff.  So calm today- wish I was boarding.  234/365